The Student Experience


Students are at the Center of Their Success

Franklin offers a self-paced learning environment for students designed to meet their individual needs and foster independent learners. At Franklin, students play an active role in their education with their teachers' and parents' support. The self-paced learning environment provides flexibility for students to complete coursework when convenient and at their own pace–giving them the responsibility to manage their schedules and education.

How it Works


Advisors and Teachers

Our advisors and teachers are passionate about student success. Advisors provide student and parent support to create a personalized graduation plan. Before starting, students are assigned a homeroom teacher to ensure academic success. Your student will also be assigned a highly qualified subject matter experts for each course, who will provide support when needed.



Our self-paced curriculum is designed for online learners and is aligned to state standards. We combine instruction videos featuring subject area experts, interactive assignments, performance tasks, and assessments to engage students and ensure skill mastery.



As a parent, you are your child's facilitator/proctor. You work with the school and teachers to ensure your child has the appropriate learning environment and structure to be successful. You also act as your child proctor for quizzes, tests, and exams. Learn more about why we require proctors.


The Learning System

Teachers, students, and parents all have access to our learning system. Through the learning system, teachers and parents can monitor student performance and communicate with each other to keep students successfully moving forward.