Your Child's  Advocate in Education


Franklin School Provides High-Quality Education in a 21st Century Classroom

At Franklin, we support our students by giving them the keys to academic success through online full-time high school programs, individual courses, test prep courses, and more.

We aim to develop a community of motivated individuals who apply learning to make a positive difference in their lives and in their communities. 



To provide quality, flexible, cost-effective education options to help students around the world achieve their personal, educational and career goals.

Motivation starts from within and is accelerated by results. Franklin's students know achievement in any aspect is just a personal decision away.  

As we become a leader in "Back to the Basics" principles, Franklin will establish a partnership with our student body by delivering consistent, efficient and embedded learning systems on a best time and cost basis. As a team, we assure an individually supportive environment for students to achieve their personal, educational or professional goals, and realize their full potential. 

Thanks to everyone at Franklin... I finally have the graduation that I have always dreamed of, and my future at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst will take flight even further and beyond.”                    

-Hoang Le, Franklin graduate