Proctor Information

To ensure credibility in our programs and with our accreditor, we require confirmation that a student is adhering to the Franklin's test requirements for each quiz, test or exam involved in any of our programs. As such, a self-appointed proctor is required for all students to interact with our online testing platforms.

Proctor Definition
A proctor is an individual who supervises and confirms that a student is taking an exam. A proctor is obtained by the student and can be any adult (age 18 or over) including: family members, heads of households, friends, neighbors, roommates, or any other adult acquaintance who knows the student personally. The proctor will be required to login his/her name and relationship to the student at the beginning of each quiz, test, or exam. A proctor will be required under penalty of perjury to provide his/her keyboard typed e-signature from the student's account as per the Congressional E-Sign Act of 2000. Proctors are not required for other activities within the system including study sessions.
Process Explained
The “Proctor Registration” process at Franklin School is completed online and includes the proctor's personal information, the relationship to the student, disclaimer acknowledgement and Proctor Agreement acknowledgement. The proctor “designee” must confirm receipt of this request by opening an email sent to the email address that is provided. This email address must differ from the one used by the Franklin student upon initial registration with Franklin. The student can enter all proctor information, but the proctor is required to complete the proctor electronic signature as part of the test module confirmation.
Student Responsibilities
The student is required to select a proctor prior to each test, and this declaration is maintained within the student's permanent records. These will be available for review along with other student records by any authorized individuals including Franklin School's administration and staff and third party school or employer personnel, based on student approval.

Please note:

We use both live teacher involvement and a proprietary algorithm to monitor student activity. Should it be determined that a student has cheated, the student's account will be suspended (deactivated). A formal appeal must be provided to Franklin School for reactivation.